Industrial Renewable Natural Gas

Atlantic Canada is looking for new alternatives to address it’s growing energy needs. Roman 3 Renewables is working to bring a renewable alternative to petroleum based natural gas, in the way of Anaerobic Digestion.

Anaerobic Digestion is an industrial process that breaks down organic waste to create biogas. This gas can be purified to create a high quality renewable natural gas as an alternative to propane and traditional petroleum natural gas.

Research and Development

Roman 3 Renewables has partnered with a horticultural farm to conduct research and development into the energy potential of agricultural and industrial waste. The results of this R&D will have a significant impact on the potential to create new on-site and district heating solutions for greenhouses and farms.

Waste Diversion

There is a changing dynamic as the world recognizes the negative toll that mass consumption has on our environment there is increasing need for more sustainable alternatives to common products and commodities.

Roman 3 Renewables is committed to collaboration that inspires waste diversion innovation. We are currently working with partners to meet the needs of the agricultural sector using agricultural waste.

Our Role

We work with local agencies, governments, and private businesses to identify gaps and create sustainable strategies. We then recruit the right team and project manage the startup of the solution.

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