Our Team

Our internal team is made of experts from disciplines such as; Cleantech, Chemistry, Engineering, Wastewater Management, and Government Relations.

Our Focus

Roman 3 Renewables is a consulting and project management company that builds and leads collaborative teams of consultants, engineers, scientists, local governments, provincial partners, and private corporations. We tackle projects around energy security, commodity dependence, and sustainable alternatives. Our projects are currently focused on addressing these challenges in Atlantic Canada.

Our Partners

Roman 3 Renewables is committed to collective impact. This requires partnering with the right companies to bring impactful and sustainable solutions to address the needs of Atlantic Canada

BioGas Energy

An innovator in technologies

  • An anaerobic digestion process for treating many types of organic waste
  • The capture, separation and purification of biogas and landfill gas

Raven Sky Group

A clean technology company 

Solving the issue of escaping greenhouse gas emissions from closed landfill cells. Raven Sky Groups looks to bring clean energy and bio-friendly solutions.

Innovate Fibre

A hemp technology company

Committed to re-purposing agricultural waste from the CBD industry. Innovate Fibre processes this waste into value added products, while working to group the industrial hemp sector.

Want find out more?

If your company or organization is looking to partner on renewable projects, we are always looking new opportunities to support Atlantic Canada.